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Our Brands Jewelry and Watches


In Sai Jewellers have a wide range of pieces in gold and diamonds, many of which are exclusive designs of our company that are not available elsewhere, as well as a wide range in classic and modern jewelry with brands like Hellmuth, Pesavento, Gucci Jewelry, Bohemme and Black Diamond, the latter with designs made by Jesus Garcia nationally recognized.

We are exclusive distributors in Spain of the Hellmuth brand and also the Charriol brand, offering an exclusive collection of pink champagne diamonds, such as bracelets, rings and earrings color.

  • hellmuth
  • charriol
  • gucci
  • black
  • pesavento
  • bohemme


Besides jewelry, we specialize in selling brand watches prestige and major market like Rado, Gucci, TW Steel, Tissot, Technomarine, TW Steel, Raymond Weil, etc.

Highlighting the Bomberg brand, being the sole distributors in the Costa del Sol. Bomberg is a Swiss fashion brand for its amazing designs and contemporary finishes, echoing worldwide. being the sole distributors in the Costa del Sol.

  • bomberg
  • twstee
  • guess
  • jaguar
  • tissot
  • rado
  • mulco watches
  • raymond weil
  • technomarine
  • versace
  • ice watch
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